Why is it important to live in the here and now?
Our present induces, influences, our past thus our past influences and conceives our present.

Our present creates our future and our future creates our present.

When we forget events from our past, it is because our present has influenced our past, however the things we remember, even the most trivial ones, have been more or less engraved in our present, for our past.

Our future determines our present, which in turn determines our future and our future produces our present.

I think I’ve lost you.

You’re going to tell me it’s hard to understand, but for me it’s hard to understand too.

But it’s a channeling.
Past, present and future act on each other.
But the most important element, the most determining element is here and now, the present moment we are living in.

For it is our present, which makes our past, our past creates our present, our present creates our future and our future makes our present.

By changing the present moment, we change the past, which itself influences our present, which determines our future, and our future influences our present.

For we live our past, our present and our future at the same time.
Thus by living our present, we are acting on our past, we are acting on the past which has the effect of cleaning up the karmic problems due to our past.

This is why some people have the gift of ubiquity, they can be in the present, in the past or in the future at the same time, even if it is done at very short intervals on our time scale, some people think that it is done at the same time.

I hope that with this article you have been able to understand the influence that living it here and now has on our past, on our future, but also on our present.