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Philippe SIMON

My name is Philippe, I have been living in JAPAN since the end of 2016.

I am a martial arts practitioner and this is what brought me to be interested in Energies.

Around 1995 I worked on tai chi chuan as well as qi gong and energy circulation and one day I thought if I could circulate energy in my body maybe I could use it to help people close to me as well as my colleagues in sports, and one thing led to another and I had fun giving energy to whoever wanted it.

But I felt my limits. So I started looking for people who could help me develop.

So I followed courses, training courses or via some YouTube channels, I documented myself and thanks to these trainings or courses followed with people like Doctor Luc BODIN, Serge BOUTBOUL, Yan LIPNICK, Patrick PEYTAVI … I evolved and I improved myself.

But the evolution does not stop there. I work every day because nothing is ever acquired and the sensations increase with daily work.

I am therefore an energetic magnetizer, an Ashati trainer and I am a specialist in remote care because, as I told you above, I live in Japan and most of the people I help at the moment live in Europe.

On April 8, 2018 I created LA TEAM.

We meet once a month to help the Lost Souls and the Deceased to move towards the light to continue their journey.

Since its creation the Team has been evolving slowly and actions are being taken. At the request of a member of the group we intervened for a friend who fell into a coma following an electrocution. We performed two sessions and this person came out of the coma. A chance may tell me that only the result matters.

Then a second intervention for another person in a coma following an accident. After one session with the Team the person comes out of the coma.

The Team is also to make its members live the experience with angels and archangels, to solve karmic problems.

I organize discussions debate at the rate of one per month, so the first one from September 10 to 14, 2018 is on consciousness. Do we have only one consciousness, where is this consciousness etc…. The next topics will be how to raise its vibratory rate, is there a life before death, the truth.

A magnetizer is what or who?

Our unknowingly environment is full of Energy, whether positive or negative, Energy is present every day of our lives.

Some people naturally capture these Positive Energies, while others are like sponges and only capture the Negative Energies.

Why such a difference, in life whatever the field we are not all equal but by providing personal work we can become so. For magnetism it is the same it is not a gift, each of us has magnetism, it is enough just to work and devote time to this learning. This learning time will obviously be different for each person. This ability is in us, we just have to wake it up.

A magnetizer is a person who has an ability to help any living being by catalyzing energy to the body of a person, animal or plant, the latter are much more receptive than humans. His work can relieve and help to heal a physical, psychic, emotional, organic or energetic ailment by alleviating the effects of pain and discomfort caused by the disease. He simply gives keys to the suffering body and it is this body that will recover on its own.

But never a magnetizer will ask you to stop a medical treatment, only a doctor can make you stop a therapeutic treatment.

The ailments that a magnetizer will treat are many and varied and even now, after working on different cases, I am always amazed and surprised at what we can be able to do, no matter where the person who is asking us is.

Because when it comes to Energy the notion of distance disappears. I am currently living in JAPAN and helping people living in Europe.

Alas, as in modern medicine, from time to time the treatment with less or no direct effect, people do not feel the effects immediately.

Modern medicine only treats problems on the surface and never in depth. Whereas the magnetizer, acupuncturist or traditional Chinese doctor will work on the cause of the problem or disease. The magnetizer, the traditional Chinese doctor or the acupuncturist are complementary to modern medicine. Very concrete example in France of the Hospitals make call to the magnetizers or helmsmen of fire to relieve the great burned ones. In the United States surgeons operate only in the presence of a magnetizer.


What prevents us from evolving, from moving forward, limits our achievements, hinders our fulfilment …

It’s about our education, our fears, our culture and our beliefs…

Which leads to doubts, lack of self-confidence…

Ashati will allow us to free ourselves from these evils that lock us up and prevent us from realizing ourselves.

Ashati will help us to find our place in this world, make us discover how much the Energies are present in us and around us and begin the journey towards ascension.

Generally speaking, what limits our achievements, our fulfillment, are our fears, our own beliefs about who we are, our education. Ashati meditation allows us to free ourselves from this type of constraint, from lack of self-confidence, from doubts.

Connecting to Ashati energies encourages us to find our place in the universe and allows us to reveal our true potential.

This method of personal development, this training is based on energy therapy, meditation and spiritual awakening.

The Ashati training consists of three Initiation Modules, each module being followed by twenty-one days of personal work focused on Energies, meditation and relaxation.

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