My point of view

What I’m about to talk about now is my own business. I don’t want to convince anyone, I just want to share how I feel and how I work. The simplest thing is not to believe me but to experiment, but also to know that we are multidimensional beings and we can be affected either in our own dimension or in another.

It would seem, according to my feelings, that the energies surrounding us are neutral by nature, therefore neither negative nor positive.

It’s our unconscious, our beliefs, our upbringing and the state we’re in at the moment T… Which at times makes us feel these negative or positive energies.

Entities like some callings are for me just lost souls who have stayed with their anger from before their decorporation and do not know that they are no longer alive or these entities are just lost. They stick to us like a magnet often with no desire to harm us but just attracted by the energy we emit or by an emotional bond.

If our energy, our vibration are strong, we may not notice it because we compensate very easily for this loss since we are radiating. But we can feel that a presence is close to us.

On the other hand, if our vibration, our energy are low, then begins a descent that is often difficult to overcome alone. Extreme fatigue, loss of energy, this can even lead to illness.

After having talked about this you will perhaps understand why, during my treatments I work on the different physical bodies, but also on the different energetic bodies we have.

But this is not enough, it is also necessary to work on the different dimensions and planes where all these bodies are located in order to be able to reconnect them with each other. But for me it is not enough, we must also work with the energies that surround us and especially not with our own energy.

So, as I have cared for various people I have been asked to invoke certain energies and now there are six of them.

But all this work wouldn’t be possible if the presence that accompanies me didn’t help me, didn’t guide me for a better result.

So that’s briefly my point of view and the way I work, and I hope that these few lines may have enlightened you and helped you to understand certain things.