Good morning, everyone,

During the workshops I told you about the big change.

It seems to me that I explained to you that we would all be in the station, that a train would arrive, that some would be able to go back up and others would stay on the platform.

During my meditations, things have become a little clearer and we will all get on the train.

Except that the train will have different levels.

There are those who will stay on the first level and others will go to the second level.

I sincerely think that this day has arrived, we have to make choices, we have to choose on which level we want to be, in which level we want to evolve.

The Earth has been changing its vibratory level for a few years now, but at the moment it seems to have accelerated its rhythm.

It is not going to take care of us, it is up to us to know if we want to follow it or stay in the state we are in now.

I had informed you that we were not in 3D but in 4D since the notion of time had been imposed on us.

Today it’s up to us to decide whether we want to stay here in 4D or move on to 5D.

I invite you to stop looking or reading the media.

They only generate fear and fear weakens us spiritually.

By weakening our fear, it leaves us permeable to all that is negative around us.

The coronavirus is indeed there to isolate us, so that we can do an awakening work on ourselves in order to be able to decide what we want to do, to stagnate here or to evolve.

It is important to evolve spiritually because the passage to 5G will tend to weaken us and make us even more permeable to the disease and all that is negative.

It is therefore very important, right now, to raise your vibratory rate to protect yourself as much as possible from the effects of this 5G.

If I can help you, do not hesitate to contact me.