The world is currently affected by a pandemic.
Regardless of the origin of this pandemic, whether it is man-made or not.
Will the world realize that man is not and never was the super predator he thought he was.
2020 is only the beginning of a long period, we will have to:
Question ourselves.
We will have to account for the decisions we have made and the consequences of those decisions.
Instead of living in harmony with the different kingdoms that exist on our planet, EARTH.
We wanted to dominate them all, to exploit them all.
Was this vital for us? NO.
But our Ego, our thirst for power, coveting what our neighbour has, wanting more and more without it being useful to us and many other things, we do what we are today.
It is certainly time to realize that Man is the stupidest of beings living on this Planet.
Man is the only one who wants to destroy it and his selfishness does not even push him to think about what he is going to leave to his children.
In this period of confinement we should perhaps try to make amends.
Shouldn’t we begin to make amends for the wrongs we have done to all other kingdoms?
Shouldn’t we take time to meditate as a family on our future and our place on this planet EARTH?
If we come together to work together.
Couldn’t we make a difference?
We have the power to change things but do we have the will?
Isn’t it easier to blame others who want to clear their conscience?
This confinement may last longer than we have been told.
Let us take advantage of this time we have been given to meditate on ourselves and our role on the planet.
Have we not turned away from our goal?
Many groups have formed around the world to make things better. Take charge and join these initiatives so that we can grow to change our future and that of future generations.